Beverley Smith is an award-winning journalist and author who has already written four best-selling figure skating books. Smith, a reporter for the Globe and Mail for 35 years, is best-known for uncovering judging scandals in the sport, years before the infamous dealings at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. Her previous works are: “Figure Skating: A Celebration”, “A Year in Figure Skating”, “Talking Figure Skating” (Canada’s sports book of the year in 1997, first non-hockey book to win) and “Gold on Ice: The Sale and Pelletier Story.” In 1988, Smith was chosen Canada’s amateur sportswriter of the year. In 1999, she was a finalist for a National Newspaper Award in Canada. She has won five Sovereign Awards for outstanding thoroughbred racing stories in Canada and is co-author of the official Queen’s Plate yearbook called: “The Plate: 150 Years of Royal Tradition,” of which Queen Elizabeth II owns a copy. She has covered seven Olympics, and is well versed in both summer and winter Olympic sport. Aside from figure skating, favourites are: all equestrian sport, rowing, canoeing, diving, gymnastics, triathlon, sailing, golf. Her blog “BevSmithWrites” has been read in 77 countries.


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  1. Hey Bev
    A colleague brought to my attention the advertisement for Stars On Ice USA for at least the past week was advertising Davis & White as Olympic & World Champions … I suspect they assume Olympic medalist from 2010 but it reads differently. Did IMG/Star On Ice know something before the actual 2014 Olympic competition? I wonder.

  2. Thank you for your accurate, informed, professional and honest assessment of the figure skating judging….you are bang-on. I have missed your columns in the G&M, so am thrilled to find your commentaries online. Keep it up….with thanks

  3. As a former figure skater, trying to keep up with all the skating buzz in the world while in graduate school, I’m rather quite excited to have discovered your blog and Twitter feed! Really great to read more into the actual narratives and stories of the skaters….

  4. A small detail, but I appreciate your reporting Patrick’s comments on his weight, it’s such a verboten to
    It on skating forums, but it’s a question of physics, one should be able to have a matter of fact discussion about it!

    I would also like to second Alison’s request that you cover the plight of Savchenko-Massot, Zahorski-Massot, and Elizabeth-Major. The French Fed (which is only too happy to accept foreign skaters) has not let any go for two years and the ISU allows the situation to drag on. These skaters are losing precious years of their short competitive careers. Zahorski has not competed internationally in over three years! A small group of fans trying to help, we believe the ISU/French Fed are violating several European Union laws, and – inspired by two champion speed skaters who lodged a formal complaint last fall – have written to the EU Commissioner of Sport to let her know that similarly unjust policies are threaten the entire careers of figure skaters too. If you tweet, please consider sharing our petition with our hashtag, #LetTheSkatersSkate. Thanks for your consideration!

  5. PS: I meant to say Zahorski-Guerreiro, not Zahorski-Massot!
    Also, it looks like the French Fed is going to take another foreign skater, the Canadian Marie-Jade Lauriault, for the ex-partner of Estelle Elizabeth, one of the skaters whose release we are calling. Where is the reciprocity?!

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