By The Numbers

Men’s short program

Yuzuru Hanyu’s old world record: 99.84

Hanyu’s new world record: 101.45

Difference between the two: 1.61 points

Patrick Chan has 3.93 points to make up on Hanyu.

Hanyu’s mark for his triple Axel: 11.49

Chan’s mark for his flawed triple Axel: 7.50

Difference between the two: 3.99

Javier Fernandez 14.47 points behind his training mate, Hanyu

Daisuke Takahashi is 15.05 points behind Hanyu.

Jason Brown, in sixth, is .98 point away from third place. Has no quad.

Number of points between second and third place: 10.54 points

Skaters from third place to 11th place are only 3.50 points apart.

Highest points for step sequence: Chan (5.80), Hanyu-Takahashi-Denis Ten (tied at 5.70) Florent Amodio (5.60) Jason Brown (5.50). Just for fun, Brian Joubert had 3.60

Only five men did a quad combo in short. They are: Chan (16.40 points), Peter Lierbers (15.69), Brian Joubert (14.69) Kevin Reynolds (13.40) and Tatsuki Machida (a quad-double for 12.17)

Which skaters made the most of each element? Who had the highest total grades of execution? Hanyu (10.88), Brown (7.69), Chan (7.64), Liebers (5.66), Machida (5.37), Takahashi (4.41)

Highest mark for a triple Axel: Hanyu (11.49), Yan Han (11.36), Ten-Machida (tied at 10.36), Takahashi (10.21), Mikael Brezina (10,07), Chan is well down the list at 7.50.

Top technical marks: Hanyu (54.84), Chan (50.34), Peter Liebers (47.26), Alexander Majorov (45.52), Jason Brown (45.39), Brian Joubert (45.11), Yan Han (44.94), Javier Fernandez (43.87)

Top program component marks: Chan(47.18), Hanyu (46.61), Takahashi (44.65), Javier Fernandez (43.11), Machida (42.50), Denis Ten (41.57)


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